Types of Classes Offered

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These are hands-on classes for adult students with all levels of expertise in the kitchen. Everyone cooks together and shares the meal at the end of class. During classes the focus is on being present with cooking process so recipes are put aside, measurements are approximate and tasting is encouraged. Dress comfortably. Wine to share is welcome.

Maximum enrollment = 10


Love your cookbooks? So do I!  These are the most social of our hands-on classes and have a bit less instruction. In these classes everyone will make a signature dish from the chosen book. Participants will then round out the meal by preparing side dishes in small groups. Bring your own book or buy the book with the class. 

Maximum enrollment = 12


If you would like a more relaxed class, try one of our demonstration classes. Gather around the table, sip a glass of wine or tea, and with recipes in hand, watch, learn, and ask questions as the chef prepares each dish. Enjoy tasting during class and a meal at the end.

Maximum enrollment = 10


These classes are typically offered in the morning and last from 3-4 hours.  They focus on a specific skill or process. They are "make and take" classes, meaning you take home what you make. Snacks are provided, typically showing ideas for using the items made in class.


Fermenting vegetables, curing olives, making cheese, baking bread and crackers, and blending your own condiments and spices is easy and rewarding. Use fresh seasonal ingredients from a home garden or farmers' market, get unhooked from processed foods, make delicious gifts for friends and family, be more independent, and enjoy an adventure!


My grandfather was a pastry chef trained in Germany in the 1890s. He immigrated to the United States and opened a bakery in Chicago. My mother was a doctor (one the few women to complete medical school in the 1940s), but she often baked at home, recreating her father's pastries and passing on her lifelong love of baking to me.

Sharing my baking knowledge with others is tremendous fun! I enjoy baking with heirloom wheats and exploring the flavors of alternative grains and nuts (e.g., buckwheat, oats, quinoa, almonds). Classes include both savory and sweet baking.


These classes focus on specific elements of cooking or kitchen management. Past classes have included Knife Skills, Building A Pantry for Quick Easy Last Minute Meals, and The Stock Pot.  


Create homemade edible gifts for friends and family.


Guest instructors and special topics. 

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