Getting Started

There are so many blogs out there, I have to ponder, is there a place for one more?

Apparently, I think so.  Apparently I also believe I have a unique perspective and can contribute writing that others will find interesting and useful.

This blog is about how local food, from my garden or community, shows up in my kitchen.  You will find recipes, “culinary experiments,” ideas for using local ingredients, stories about my garden, and stories about my local food community. You will also find reflections about mindfulness in cooking and the garden (after all I was a psychologist for a long time).  I hope you will be inspired to grow some of your own food, cook lots of your own food, and be part of a local food community! 

Here is a first bit of my perspective. I live on a steep inland facing coastal hillside that borders a wilderness area in southern California. I have an edible garden and grow food for my family and cooking classes. I grow vegetables and herbs in raised beds, fruit trees and berries in containers, and recently planted a small orchard. We have an aquaponic system for raising tilapia & growing greens. Vermiculture and traditional composting are ongoing. Chickens will move in soon.

Learning to protect these delicious plants from the local wildlife has been a challenge! I supplement what I grow with a community-supported agriculture box and occasional trips to the farmers' market.

I am involved with my local food community through the Transition Town movement, Slow Food, and a project called the Ark of Taste that involves efforts to protect biodiversity in the world of edibles. My life is enriched daily through connections with this community!

I hope you'll stop by from time to time.