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Small Plates from the Mediterranean

October 20 6pm Small Plates from the Mediterranean

The perfect Mediterranean meal is an expression of “Hospitality Incarnate”. I hope you will find the flavors and varied cuisines as delicious as I do. Tonight, you will prepare dishes from Israel, the ancient Persian empire, Turkey and a dessert with clearly Mediterranean flavors but served in a crepe. Enjoy meeting new people as you sit around a table and share the meal you prepare.

Cheese Borek with Nigella Seeds (Borek is made from a Turkish pastry called Yufka similar to phyllo dough); Parigot - chicken and vegetable kebabs with an herb marinade; Persian Rice with a potato tahdig (crust); Green Apple Fattoush (classic middle eastern chopped salad with pita croutons; Ricotta Crepes with Honey and Pistachios

*** Sign up by October 18 to secure your spot ***

Instructor - Linda Lewis Elbert
Class Categories - Hands On; Make and Eat; Adults Only

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Earlier Event: October 18
Later Event: October 22