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Fondue Chinoise Night

December 15, 2018 6pm Fondue Chinoise Night

In planning for tonight’s class, I was thinking about doing a traditional Christmas holiday meal from another country, ideally a country in another snowy mountain region. I soon began reading about Switzerland and found that, while the country has no specific “traditional” holiday meal, one of the most popular Christmas meals all over Switzerland is Fondue Chinoise. It is enjoyed for its social nature and because it allows everyone to more or less create their own meal.

What is Fondue Chinoise? it is a Chinese Hot Pot. Chinese Hot Pot is easy to prepare and serve and great fun to eat. Tonight we will make and enjoy Fondue Chinoise!

Appetizer - Steamed Bao Buns with Duck and Cherry Sauce
Entree - Hot Pot
- Broth
- Assorted thinly sliced meats & seafood - chicken, steak, seafood - involves using knives and working with fish and shellfish
- Assorted vegetables - cabbage, mushroom, lotus root, squash, potato, broccoli, snow peas, etc. - practice your knife skills!
- Dipping Sauces - Soy-Ginger, Chili Garlic, and Ginger-Scallion sauces
- Dumplings - learn to make dumpling dough and filling for chicken and shrimp dumplings
Dessert - Spitzbuben (traditional holiday shortbread sandwich cookies) filled with either jam or lemon curd

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Instructor - Linda Lewis Elbert
Class Categories - Hands On; Make and Eat; Adults Only

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