An Italian Celebration!

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Grilled Braciole.jpg

An Italian Celebration!


This menu is a collection of dishes that are great for a special occasion or holiday. The entree is a twist on a classic Italian home-style dish, braciole. A piece of meat is pounded thin, and a filling made of meat, cheese, breadcrumbs, and herbs is rolled up inside. In the classic preparation, the roll is browned and then simmered for hours until tender — a process that takes too long to prepare in a class. Instead of the traditional flank steak, we will use a tenderloin, replace the long simmer with grilling, and then serve the grilled braciole over a warm savory tomato vinaigrette. See complete menu below.

Appetizer: Crostini with Pears, Gorgonzola and Honey
Salad: Almonds, Artichoke, Sun Dried tomato, Greens and Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese
Entree: Braciole on the Grill
Sides: Roasted Asparagus with Walnut Cream and Roasted Walnuts and Potato Croquette
Dessert: Rosemary Olive Oil Cakes with Olive Oil Gelato

Instructor: Linda Lewis Elbert
Type of Class: Hands On; Adults Only

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