French Macarons

Filling macarons
Filling macarons

French Macarons


Learn the basic technique for creating French Macarons. Macarons are beautiful, naturally gluten-free, and make great gifts. In this class, you will learn to mix, pipe and bake the meringue shells and create fillings, as well as how to go beyond the class recipes to create your own unique flavors, colors and fillings. You will take home a sampling of the macarons made in class, as well as the recipes and knowledge to create your own variations.

In class we will make 3 flavors:
Spring/Summer - lemon, lavender, raspberry, coconut, etc.
Fall/Winter: eggnog, Speculoos spice, chocolate, peppermint, etc.
Valentine’s Macaron Class: chocolate, rose, raspberry, vanilla, coconut, etc

Instructor: Linda Lewis Elbert
Duration - 3 hours
Type of Class: Hands On; Adults and Children 12+ with Parent; Make and Take

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