Gourmet Series - Advanced (Part 3 of a 3 part series)

Gourmet Series - Advanced (Part 3 of a 3 part series)


This series will focus on more complex techniques and applications. These classes will stress the importance of mis en place (having ingredients prepared and ready to), how to prepare a variety of sauces and cooking without recipes. The final class in this series will give participants the opportunity to learn to prepare a dish of their own choosing.

Class 1- Eggs, Grain & Legumes and Dough - These are simple multipurpose ingredients which take a bit of finesse to have successful results. Learn to refine your egg cooking and how to use successfully use eggs as an ingredient. Grains and legumes are common ingredients in side dishes and entrees. When cooked well they absorb wonderful flavors and add a pleasing texture but cooked poorly they can be inedible. Learn how to make them delicious! Experience working with dough - you will learn to make a sweet or savory crust for a tart or pie and a yeast dough for pizza.

Class 2 - Sauces - Pan sauces, gravy, tomato sauces and fresh herb sauces. Learn to prepare these simple preparations and how to preparations. Practice cooking techniques to prepare dishes for using your sauces.

Class 3 - Sauces- reductions sauces using stock, wine or citrus to create delicious sauces to accompany your favorite entree.

Class 4 - Choose Your Own Adventure. In this class each student will prepare a preselected dish of their choosing. During the course of the previous classes students will be asked to plan for this class, choose a dish they would like to know how to make. Recipes will be discussed with the instructor and ingredients provided. Student will plate and serve the dish to their classmates.

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